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Welcome, & thank you for taking the time to visit our Site, please have a good look round, feel free to comment on the site, it would be an Honour if you could also Sign our Guest Book or if you require any help, please feel free to Contact Us.

U.M.A.(United Martial Alliance) was formed for the benefit of all Martial Artists & all Styles of Martial Arts & its Members, who can evolve & benefit from sharing knowledge without prejudice & politics with all who wish to help, learn & benefit.

All of our instructors, in addition to being highly skilled martial artists, are qualified personal trainers accredited by YMCA and trained by Discovery in coaching and first aid. The health and safety of our members is of paramount importance to all of us here at U. M. A.

Our Motto

Our Motto is “Martial Arts Unity”, this should sum up what our Alliance is about & who we are, our goal is to Unite as many People, Students, Instructors, Coach’s, Clubs etc, in the Martial Arts World & form a Martial Alliance that truly is for the benefit of us all, hence why we are called & known as the “United Martial Alliance”

How Are We Different?

U.M.A. is a Non Profit, Non Political, Non Interference, Non Prejudice & Totally Democratically run Alliance of Martial Arts & Martial Artists, & this, regardless of how long or how much we grow into the future, we will never change our ethos & goals, unlike others that do & have done so, this is a Alliance that was formed & given birth by Martial Artists for the real benefit of the Martial Arts & Martial Artist.

More About Us

All of our Officers, Members & Volunteers, give their time freely & at no charge or cost to U.M.A. whatsoever, we all do this for the True Love & Spirit of the Martial Arts, & for our fellow Martial Artists & the betterment of all who participate & partake in them, all the funds raised go to help our Members & is for their benefit & not the Alliance, its Officers or Volunteers etc, we are a True Non Profit Organisation.